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Creating A Business From Your Audio Visual Cable Package For That Classroom

After I owned an IT company within the United kingdom which installed Audio Visual equipment in schools, we’d to purchase all of the Audio Visual cable package components individually in those days and cut and terminate them on-site.

The greatest problem was coming back to site when the installer had made a mistake in terminating along with a real disadvantage was the lengthy time that it required to really complete cellular phone mostly because of the time taken terminating the cables.

We designed a sound visual cable package for the own staff since the majority of the cables were similar lengths, well greater than 80% of these were 10 metres Production Lighting. The connections needed were usually exactly the same ie a VGA for that projector, an amalgamated video for that DVD player so we chosen small-jack for speaker connections

We found local steel fabricators in Cheshire to help make the faceplates but battled to obtain plastic backboxes from the correct depth and purchasing pre-ended cables within the United kingdom in the right cost wasn’t as simple as we’d thought.

Since I Have had resided within the China I made the decision to go to China with this designs to locate a appropriate cable company, plastics molding and faceplate manufacturer. Our quantities for the own use were really small for a few of the companies I visited but we found the best combination following a couple of false starts and a few visits.

The very first package would be a single gang stainless faceplate with 80mm backbox and cables cut to length and ended. We purchased a 20′ container load of those and a few Chinese projector rods that people had modified to incorporate cable management.

The outcomes with this installation crews was astounding. We could install three projectors in 2 days typically, sometimes two each day without any problems, no testing of cables during install so we found we simply required to performance test the finished installation ie no wire to wire testing whatsoever. The boys were much more happy since the work they do was simpler with little if any crouching on the ground terminating cables as well as their completion bonus was now achievable nearly every time rather of somewhat hit or miss.

Everything has developed enormously through the years since that time. We generate a company to import from China and also to sell these items yet others to installers after which direct to distributors. We created a broader selection of cable kits together with a modular system, a plug and play system inside a box, plastic faceplate versions as well as amplifier units to suit into cable kits. Hence our Audio Visual Cable Kits brand was created.