Roof Cleaning By Roof Type

Roofs are constructed with various materials so when cleaning them the instructions and cleaning solution will change for everyone.

Asphalt Shingles

No matter where the house is located, asphalt shingles is a very common roof material. The shingles provide sand-like and granular finish. It’s the kind of finish that is made to put on out gradually. Because of the layered, delicate nature from the commercial roof cleaning Atlanta, it is crucial that when cleaning them that you simply do it lightly so you don’t destroy the layer of protection. Cleaning them as well roughly may also reduce the lifespan of the roof.

If you work with a power washer, you need to use a minimal pressure washing of no greater than thirty psi, which is equivalent to an outdoor hose sprayer.

You shouldn’t use a combination of water disodium phosphate (Teaspoon), and bleach, though it may be located on the internet. There are many dangers connected with this particular solution. The bleach is only going to get rid of the surface layer of algae and mold that will regret, it’ll poison any plant life that’s underneath the roof if this runs off, also it can corrode the metal fastenings.

Ceramic Tiles

This kind of roof is extremely famous the subtropical and Southwest regions as well as on Spanish-style houses. This roofing material can stand greater-pressure washing. It will it without struggling with put on or corrosion. An important factor to notice is the fact that when utilizing a power washer you need to control carefully the psi if are applying ruthless towards the wrong place on the top it might crack the porcelain tile.

Should this happen, it might require replacing ceramic tiles in your roof. To assist prevent this, it’s suggested that you employ a gentle wash. Porcelain tile roof cleaning ought to be done utilizing a specialized formula that is made to attack algae, mold, and fungi growth together with lifting stains.

Clay Tiles

These tiles look much like ceramic tiles and therefore are famous Southern and Southwest states, especially California. They’re made utilizing a way in which combines sand and clay to help make the tiles. This kind of roof is great insulators. They aid in reducing the homeowners cooling costs. The various between your ceramic and clay tiles would be that the production methods result in the clay tiles more porous.

This will make them susceptible to put on even using low-pressure washing. You need to clean them utilizing a garden sprayer. A clay roof that’s correctly maintained must have a safety sealant to hinder the grown of numerous microorganisms. You still have to do roof cleaning using just water that’s combined with dish detergent or plain water. If you like there are particular cleaners which you can use in your clay tiles.


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