Wine is the product of alcoholic fermentation of yeast, which is feed by sugar producing ethanol and carbon dioxide, as yeast is kept in a container with sugars  to feed on plus container is made Oxygen free so that yeast respire aerobically ( without Oxygen). Wine making is very lengthy process yeast with sugar has to be kept for a long time, 10 to 15 days but as it grows older the tastier it gets for. E.g. most companies recommend to keep it at least for 4 months, while you can keep it for a year too.

. A wine contains nutrients, water, sugar, acids and enzymes. Initially and generally wines are made mainly by grapes but some wines are not made by grapes, they are made either by fruits like pomegranate, plum, elderberry and cherry or by rice. Most popular verities of wine are red and white wine other wine includes rose, sparkling and orange.

Around the globe wine is very popular beverage, billions of liters of wine is consumed in a calendar year. USA has the highest consumption of wine as it is very large country in area as well as population.


There are many wine brands names, but red wines are the most popularly wine brand used there are many verities in red wines made by different types of grapes or other fruit. Wines are also known form where they are originated, there are many names of red wine according to their origins, like Syrah is a verity of  wine that is made in France, USA and Australia is a red wine, usually it combined with food items at dinner like steak, beef etc, its aroma and flavor make oneself crazy about it. Another verity of red wine is Merlot it is originally French wine but also grown in the USA, it is a universally used wine and is drank almost with everything its light taste is lethal when comes in combinations with other food or occasions it have black-cherry taste.

Similarly Pinot Noir is another French wine is a combination of cherry, plum and strawberry. It tastes good with grilled items like chicken and salmons. Cabernet Sauvignon is a French wine that is also very popular in Chile, Australia and California, it has vanilla flavor and is often mixed with other verity like merlot.

Spain is also very famous for red wines, there many Spanish wine names like Tempranillo is best red wine in Spain, another red wine hat is mainly found in Valencia, Spain.


In the world of wines white wine names are very popular. Chardonnay is a type of Burgundy is an Italian wine and has made huge name in Italian wine names. It provide great combination with fishes and chickens as it has lemon grapefruit type flavor, and is grown highly in Oregon USA and is very popular there, we have wineries for sale in Oregon at cheap rate for people who want to start this business.

Another one of the great White wine is Italian wine Pinto Grigio, drink in all occasions and with any food it is hugely planted in Adige regions of Italy it has very crisp taste with very good aroma and fruity flavor.



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