Does an ELD shut down your truck if you’re out of hours?

A few truckers were apprehensive regarding installing ELDs because of the falsehoods and myths the encircled the topic. One such misinformation is the fact that electronic logging devices might shut down trucks automatically in case drivers are past their own hours of service limitations. It is also worth highlighting which according to the standards set through the FMCSA, remotely shutting an automobile is not of the essential functions. ELDs are designed to monitor automobiles and to enforce the motorists to follow their hours-of-service restrictions and record violations when they don’t – not to turn off vehicles.

Remotely shutting straight down vehicles can pose a serious danger to drivers’ (and some other motorists’) safety. Not only that, however should road crashes happen due to remote vehicle arrêt, the shipper’s cargo appear late, the carrier (and the driver) will get liabilities, and the vehicle may be put on hold for maintenance due to severe damage – all of which do not benefit service providers, drivers, motorists, and every other industry stakeholder. When cars are shut down remotely, the possibilities of truck drivers experiencing car parking problems also increases. Think about drivers running out of driving hrs and their vehicles getting power down automatically even before they reach their home or office areas.

How about drivers who go out of hours while nevertheless stuck in traffic? In case their vehicles are shut down instantly, the incapacitated vehicle might lead to serious problems to individuals and motorists. From a high-level perspective, ELD tracking are designed to improve road safety by assisting truck drivers monitor their particular driving hours, so they remain within their HOS limits – ultimately keeping them through getting into accidents because of exhaustion or drowsiness.

Because of this, ELDs are equipped with features that would monitor a driver’s driving several hours automatically, so they can receive crystal clear notifications if an hours-of-service breach is approaching. Many feature rich ELDs allow drivers in order to customize how and when they ought to receive the notification for forthcoming HOS violations.


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