Disposable Razors on eBay

The brand does now not depend, be it Gillette, Schick or different name manufacturers. At most retail shops and pharmacies you may count on to pay everywhere from $ according to cartridge. For the ones of us who’ve to shave everyday this can result in a huge fee and absolutely requires including razors in your month-to-month budget. as soon as, I heard a chum inform me how i can keep quite a few cash by buying those same razors off of eBay. I had my doubts, however i was verified incorrect.

allow us to take a look at a brand of razors i am currently using. At my local pharmacy an eight percent of Gillette Mach 3 rapid is listed for $.ninety nine which offers you a median charge of approximately $a cartridge. A 4 p.c. of these equal razors is offered for $  for a mean charge of about $ a razor. stores are required to listing bulk razors wholesale their items at set amount or weight for evaluation. i have seen razors indexed as consistent with a hundred remember. Given the amounts I simply averaged, this is either $ or $in line with a hundred razors! For those people average middle magnificence guys, that cost can simply add up.

On eBay you’ll be tough pressed to find eight packs and 4 packs because it is not well worth the dealers’ assets after delivery, eBay charges and other prices that list may incur. the good news is you can discover quantities of sixteen cartridges and up, which will be sold as (4) 4 packs or (2) eight packs. we will examine the usage of purchase It Now so public sale costs do now not end up a component. i have located sixteen cartridges for $16.75 plus $5.ninety nine for shipping for a grand overall of $22.seventy four. this would make our common price according to cartridge approximately $1.forty two. however shopping for in larger quantities does have its benefits right here. i have now determined a 32 remember of razors for $42 with free delivery. That gives us an average cost according to cartridge of $zero.seventy six!!! Taking the ones numbers and the use of the according to one hundred depend, we get amounts of $142 and $seventy six respectively. That gives us a saving of $261 when we compare the charge of the 4 p.c. from the drugstore and the 32 razors with unfastened transport.

you may see how this may add up very quickly. I of course advise finding out the eBay supplier’s rating and reading some feed back to be sure you’re shopping for true logo call razors and no longer knock offs or well matched cartridges.


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