Commercial Colloidal Silver Vs Making Your Own With a High-Quality Colloidal Silver Generator

Immediately I took some time in order to visit several local nutrition stores and online sources, to test colloidal silver prices. Interestingly, I came across that prices for business colloidal silver products : all claiming to be “the best” – ranged from $2. 50 an oz to $8 an ounces.

GNC, for example , sells a well known colloidal silver product supplying 8 oz . of 15 ppm concentration for $24. 95. That’s $3 a great ounce. Not too bad, huh? Along with another health food store – a tiny regional chain – seemed to be selling tiny four-ounce baby bottles for $29 – slightly over $7 an oz ..

An online source was presenting their 8-oz. bottles connected with for $59, plus $4. 95 shipping and managing – adding up to with regards to $8 per ounce. In addition to another online source had been offering 16 ounce “samples” of their product for $29 plus $6. 95 shipment and handling – in relation to $2. 25 per whiff.

Overall, the average price has been about $5 to $7 an ounce. Sounds excellent, right? But the problem is this specific: During a common health problems such as a cold, flu, aching throat, earache, tummy illness, upper respiratory infection, or perhaps other infection, experienced colloidal silver users might take from around an ounce to several ounces a day or more. To help you see that it’s pretty an easy task to end up spending some fairly hefty fungolas to cure a straightforward infection with this amazing, infection-fighting agent, when all is considered and done!

A Dirty Tiny SecretIn spite of it is high costs, colloidal gold price predictions is now one of the most popular nutritional supplements in the united states over the last two decades. By several estimates it is now used on a regular basis by roughly 10 thousand Americans to help cure attacks, fight disease and bring back health and immunity.

But there is a dirty little secret hiding in the background, and the big companies hope you’ll never find out about that. What’s that dirty tiny secret? It’s quite simple. Companies of this powerful natural infection-fighting agent have been grossly charging too much you for decades. In fact , a small 4-ounce bottle of store-bought colloidal silver contains just about six cents worth associated with actual silver particles!

6th Cents Worth of Magic Particles for $29? Of course, that’s right. It costs these about six cents for making four ounces worth regarding product, yet greedy local health store vendors and online options charge you as much as $29 for this same tiny amount! What a whopping 2, 400% mark-up on every bottle sold. None other nutritional supplement on earth is so low-cost to make, yet so pricey to buy.


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