Choosing a Suitable LED Driver for Your LED Strip Lights

Nowadays we are answering another one within your FAQs, this time relating to the main topics LED Drivers. As Led strip Lights have voltage and also current requirements which are different than the mains power supply (240V AC), they need a separate product called an LED Motorist in order to work.

An GUIDED Driver, sometimes referred to as any transformer or power supply, is actually a self-contained power supply that complements its output to the rĂ©sistance and current requirements in the device it serves. Working away at a similar basis to the 12V transformers in MR16 spot light systems, the LED driver 24V takes the mains electrical energy supply and changes that to 12V DC. Individuals come in many shapes and sizes, rather than all will be suitable for your current purposes. When choosing a drivers you should consider the following. As the label suggests, “plug and play” drivers are designed for quick and easy setting up, and require minimal knowledge to use. The driver attaches to the mains supply using a standard UK 3-pin put and to the strip lighting through corresponding male and feminine connectors.

Mains ready individuals are designed for more advanced installations and will be hardwired directly into your house mains, usually via a home-based household switch for a totally integrated lighting experience. A great IP67 ratingalso makes them well suited for use in wet and wet conditions. As well as the type, you will additionally have to choose a suitably size driver. The size of the car owner is measured in m and needs to be matched for the power consumption, or “load, ” of your LED Strip Lighting.

To calculate the load on your strip lights, multiply the particular wattage per metre from the total number of metres you want to run off a single driver. This could be expressed as follows. For instance, if you use 10 metres of Led strip lights Light that consumes several. 2 watts per metre, the entire load will be 15 x 7. 2 sama dengan 72 watts. In this certain example an 100 voltage driver will be sufficient. Bear in mind, it is possible to run more than one deprive light off a single operater. Always consult a professional electrical contractor before attempting any mains power work.


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